[owncloud-devel] PiDrive Groupware

Sebastian Pfohl doshohohd7 at outlook.com
Wed Jan 13 08:18:04 GMT 2016

Hello again, i would like to tell you about what i have done on my PiDrive since it's arrived at Home shortly before Christmas. I hadn't this much time but one of my personal primary goals was it to get to use a Device working, which will hold all my personal data in form of E-Mails, Calendar and Contact Data. I know basically OwnCloud can do this but the E-Mail Client in OwnCloud is very limited in the form that he does not integrate calendar and contact modules directly. So i was in search for alternative and found Zarafa or short ZCP. ZCP will be a complete replacement for Outlook on the Desktop and can sync to any Smartphone out of the Box  via Exchange ActiveSync. I have used Zarafa before on other Platforms like some vServer's. There are ready made Packets for installing from the Zarafa Team itself, but only for some widespread Platforms like Ubuntu, RedHat and so on. For all other you can self-build the Packages from Source. I failed with this on Raspbian but found ready Packets for Arch Linux. So i made a new Base Image with Arch and installed the Zarafa Packages.

The first try to setup the Server fails, because the Class 4 SD Card was to slow to insert the initial MySQL DB. Also a Class 6 SD Card was to slow. So i moved some directory's like /var to the PiDrive HDD and made a Symlink to the original Path. After this, the first start of zarafa-server Daemon could setup the DB successfully without any timeout. I didn't know if a Class 10 SD or UHS I is better. But my personal recommendation is it to have the /var folder on HDD. This should also increase the lifetime of the  SD Card.

After applying the user stores, i import or better migrated my old Data in this stores. Round about 1GB E-Mail Data, 10.000 Contacts and some Calendar Entry's are imported. This took some time, since i couldn't use imapsync or other tools.

After setting up the Postfix Server for local delivery, i connected some external devices for testing purposes. I have tested different Smartphones with Android, Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Phone 10 and also a PC with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 build in Client. Alls could sync fine, without error and in Short time with the build in Clients over Exchange ActiveSync. eM Client 6 works also like a Charm. Outlook starting from Version 2013 can also use out of the Box ActiveSync with this setup without any Problem. Outlook before this, can use IMAP for Mails and with a free AddOn sync CalDAV and CardDAV entry's.

The Performance was really good for 5 Users at the same time.

Additionally i have installed Samba to share some files to Windows as a Datagrave. That gives not the best performance. I think the USB/Network Chip is limiting the Transfer here. I came up with Data between 13 - 
25MB/sec via LAN and 9MB via WLAN.

I hope this isn't completely out of the Scope, since it  does not use OwnCloud at the  Moment. However Zarafa uses OwnCloud as Backend for a File Plugin, so you can automatically save Attachments from Zarafa to OwnCloud or you can share new Attachments directly from OwnCloud. But i would only share my experience with PiDrive at this Moment. Next i would like to develop a simple Gallery AddOn but maybe i choose OwnCloud for this Task. Since i have some pieces of such a AddOn running on my old setup i would compare Performance and Features of both and decide after that.

BTW, before i forget: If the Webmail Client of OwnCloud could directly integrate Calendar and Contacts for setup Meeting Requests and answer of such Meeting Request, i would give it another Try. Adding Exchange ActiveSync to this setup should be very easy Task with the help of Z-Push. But without Meeting Requests, the Webmail Client is useless for me.

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