[owncloud-devel] alternate proposal

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Thu Jan 14 13:15:35 GMT 2016

I've just had a look at the state of FirefoxOS and it's a non-starter.

There is a project[1] which aims at making it run on the Pi2, but the
delivery is planned for April.
Then there is the issue of building the required stack to be able to run
ownCloud on that platform.

I think it would be wise to spend time on the other platforms mentioned in :


Ubuntu Snappy has a similar issue in that it's not ready for the Pi2 yet.

>From where I stand, there isn't enough time to play with platforms which
don't even boot, can't be updated or don't provide the packages needed
by ownCloud to run. We still need to configure and tune everything.

Imho, the image should be based on a proven OS, preferably designed for
the embedded devices market.



[1] FirefoxOS/RPiB2: https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/RPiB2

> Hello:
> 1. I was one of the persons whom proposed becoming involved in the 
> initial owncloud/maxtor collaboration
> 2. I did not receive a response to my proposal and, although I provided 
> further necessary information, did not receive a kit.
> 3. I've remained on the list with the thought that perhaps I might 
> become involved in the second phase of the project
>   - In that interest I researched and reviewed a number of what would be 
> a preferred approaches on my part
> 4. It is my belief that the Team should consider working with firefox OS 
> for reasons too numerous to delve into at this time
>   - there are a number of existing implementations such as
>      http://mozopenhard.mozillafactory.org/
> 5. It is my opinion and belief that FirefoxOS and related IOT and open 
> source code bases, as well as other HW/SW/WEB?Community synergies could 
> quickly create long term value and expand opportunities for extending 
> the combination of HW&OwnCloud/
> Please consider, review and respond. Thank you.
> Yours truly,
> William Gibbens of Influency

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