[owncloud-devel] Fwd: Owncloud data folder permissions reset by cron?

Emil Sandberg Lyngved emilandresl at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 09:52:24 GMT 2016


i dont know if this is the correct method for support but i have to ask
someone who hopefully know a little more of what`s going on behind the
scenes than i do.

Long story short: i use iBackup Datacenter Edition, which is basically a
client for taking backup of my apache folder and my Owncloud 8.2
datafolder. it also has a webserver for administration.

recently, i discovered that backup of the data folder have not been
completed for a while because of a permissions issue. it didn`t have access
to the data folder. folder is located in /var/www/owncloud/data and has
permissions 0770. this is not enough permissions for ibackup to take
backup. and i try setting the permissions to 0774 in order to allow ibackup
to access the folder.

the problem is that the permissions on the data folder are being
automatically reset within a timeframe of about 10-15 minutes every time i
try to set them to 0774, they get set to 0770 after a while.
i figured it had to be because of a cronjob. so i stopped cron, and it
worked. the permissions didn`t reset and the backup was allowed to continue.

is my theory correct? does the ownclouds cron.php reset the permissions of
the data folder?
i can understand why, as it is a security issue if the permissons are
incorrect, but how can i prevent cron from modifying the permissions? or
rather solve this some other way.

PS: i have had this solution running for almost a year with no problem, but
the last few months it has not been working. Of course, any logfile can be
provided if needed.

i do hope some developer can answer this for me.
thank you!

Emil Sandberg Lyngved
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