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Mon Jan 25 17:00:31 GMT 2016

The minnowboard is pretty slick looking for sure. It would allow us to make
a much more robust device.

In all it looks like SCALE had a good result for you, wich is awesome!

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at gmail.com>

> Hi all you awesominals!
> Fosdem ain't here yet but SCALE14x is over and I thought I owed you all a
> bit
> of a report. The TL;DR is " it was and you are awesome", read on for
> details.
> So SCALE14x had an ownCloud booth staffed by the Dynamic Duo Matt McGraw
> and
> yours truly. We had the usual flyers, posters and stickers but Matt had
> also
> brought a big monitor and Mountain Dew (by far not as natural as the name
> suggests. Hint: it is fluorescent green).
> # The Story of the Mountain Dew
> The plan with the drinks was to hand them out to people who would mention
> Chris' hair (the Linux Action Show host) - Matt had told people to come by
> our
> booth and ask about it to get a drink. Sadly, nobody did show, either due
> to
> fear of Mountain Dew (my bet) or there were few or no Linux Action Show
> viewers...
> # Pi Drive Kits
> The monitor had another purpose: demo ownCloud, of course. That turned out
> real cool: upon arrival at my hotel, I had received a package with the
> latest
> prototypes of our Pi Drive kits! The casings have a cool ownCloud logo on
> them
> and there was a custom, 3d-printed cover to close the thing off on the top,
> looking real slick with ownCloud log cut-out! I'll show pictures later,
> will
> probably blog about it. Keep an eye on owncloud.org/news.
> Anyhow, we assembled one Pi kit, put ownCloud on it (duh) and ran it from
> the
> screen so we could demo ownCloud. The other kit we kept in half-assembled
> state for people to check out. We had a *lot* of people who were
> interested,
> we certainly sold many of the existing Pi Drive kits (you can already get
> them, without ownCloud though, from the WD store) while many others will
> wait
> for us to release the PiDrive with ownCloud. Maybe I'm very optimistic here
> but the excitement was so great I have the feeling we'll sell those 500 in
> no
> time.
> On a related note, the Western Digital team working on the Pi
> Drive/ownCloud
> project came by the booth for a chat, too. It was great to meet them and
> shake
> hands in real life!
> # Booth visitors
> So we talked to people at the booth. I must've talked to about 500 people,
> my
> throat is soar (and you all know I have plenty experience talking as I
> usually
> can't stop - so this is saying something). Some highlights from me (I'm
> hoping
> Matt will share some of his):
> * talked to Ubuntu people about the Pi project, they love it and want to
> work
> with us on that and other things.
> * Cory Doctorow came to our booth to tell us how much he loves what we do.
> Took pic of him with ownCloud poster, see twitter
> * A photography-loving couple came by our booth and they were super duper
> excited to hear about ownCloud. For them, a better way of sharing pictures,
> esp large amounts (dropbox ain't so good with the tens of gigabytes) was
> really interesting. The girl claimed that if you could see emoticons IRL
> she'd
> have hearts flying out of her head. Yeah, disturbingly geeky, but fun!
> * talked to CEO of XO-ware.
> http://www.xoware.com/frequently-asked-questions/
> - they found a way through the firewall of routers which involves an
> external
> server but no proxy-ing. They plan on open-sourcing their stuff next
> month, we
> should look into it for ownCloud Proxy and the Pi-Drive project.
> * talked to Intel people about Minnowboard - intel Pi like board. Might be
> interesting for our Pi Drive project - at least it has USB 3, Sata, room
> for a
> MSATA card (!) and loads of ram. Of course, there is price but - let's see.
> * Talked to the community manager from Digital Ocean, we'll do some promo
> together. He also asked if we could give feedback on their ownCloud
> setup/one-
> click-install image. I've asked for a free login to check it out, I'll then
> ask around soon if anybody is interested in checking out what they have and
> giving them tips on improving it.
> I'll also ask how many users they approximately have ;-)
> * In the plane I bumped into a movie music composer (you can hear him in
> the
> latest X-men, for better or worse) who was completely happy once told about
> ownCloud - he's now shuffling gigabytes of music files with Dropbox but
> not too
> happy with it. We might become big in Hollywood ;-)
> Talked to many, many more interesting, nice, sweet, peculiar people from
> all
> over but there's one last special thing I must share: I did not hear A
> COMPLAINT. None. Nada. Zilch. Sure, people were happy to hear we're
> working on
> stuff like the upgrade process, but none of them complained. Maybe it was
> the
> sunny weather but I just think you're all doing a GREAT job, because that
> is
> what people told me ;-)
> So a big THANK YOU relayed from SCALE14x. Hugs all around: *you all rock!*
> # Talks
> I gave two talks, one about ownCloud scalability and Raspberry Pi. That is
> a
> weird combination indeed, it was inspired by Joas' cool BananaPi Cluster
> project. I couldn't use that, though, as he hasn't made much progress and I
> myself didn't have time to experiment much either. Thus, instead, I talked
> about scalability, different Pi devices and the Western Digital project
> (again, lots of people excited about that).
> The second talk was a longer version of the lightning talk I did at the
> conference. Clearly, that was compressed too much, this one worked out far
> better and people said they liked it a lot. Well, hey, if I insult you and
> yet
> you come ask for more, either I do something right or you do something
> wrong,
> right? ;-)
> # more
> I did also talk to some press people, spend sleepless nights due to jetlag
> and
> found decent Blueberry Pancakes. I miss good bread whenever I visit the US
> (and UK) but pancakes, oh boy, THAT they do right like nobody... Hmmmm.
> Of course I had fun dancing the security theater at the airports I went
> through, with some special fun at Gatwick (where I'm waiting to resume my
> trip
> atm). Going through a very comprehensive security check right after
> stepping
> off your plane from Los Angelos seems... beyond useless. And all those
> comprehensive checks didn't notice there's a typo in my name on the
> tickets.
> Ahum. I'd probably be stuck here if they really read my email AND had the
> resources to actually do something with it - but we all know that they
> rather
> throw more hay on the stack than spend time finding the needle so I feel
> quite
> safe sending this email.
> Well, that's it, if you read through all of it to this point I tip my hat
> to
> you for your commendable stamina enduring my writing. If you want that hat
> tip
> on camera, look me up on FOSDEM and we'll take a pic with me tipping my
> hat to
> you :P
> Take care!
> --
> Disclaimer:
> Everything I do and say is based on my view of the world today. I am not
> responsible for changes in the world, nor my view on it. Everything I say
> is
> meant in a positive and friendly way, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
> find me on blog.jospoortvliet.com
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