[owncloud-devel] set up environment for developing an app

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Thu Jan 28 22:44:57 GMT 2016


There is no best IDE ;), it has to fit your workflow.
A lot of developers in core are using PHPStorm. It's flexible and
powerful and will be a good friend when you need to use tools such as
composer, nodejs, npm, bower to set up your project's dependencies.
It knows git and will let you easily switch between branches, rebase,
fix commits, etc.
It also offers re-factoring functionalities which will help you once
your project grows past a certain size.
It doesn't hurt that it's reasonably priced for personal licenses, but
you can also use their EAP offering (beta) without having to buy a license.
People on the owncloud-dev IRC channel will be able to answer your
questions if you run into configuration issues.

The next step is to get a VM (8.2 or dev from "tech and me") and to
decide whether you want to sync files between a local repo and the VM or
develop straight from there. I prefer to sync.
You can also bypass the VM and use your own hosting, but syncing is
slower and you have to keep in mind that some operations wipe all your data!

At this stage you need to familiarise yourself with what your journey
will look like:

The ones you have to read include:

How to keep core updated:

Installing the app generator

The tutorial

Sometimes the documentation is wrong. After a bit of hair pulling, look
at apps such as Activity or News. These may be using some good
workarounds or rely on things which work, even if it's not the "new way"
to do things. Don't forget to report the documentation problem if
something is really completely wrong (like hooks on >9)
Avoid static classes and methods as much as possible if you want to be
able to easily test your code.

Hope this helps.



> Hello,
> i'm new at the owncloud project and i want to start of developing an own app. First of all i need an suitable devolping environment. That means with the ability to debug the app (php and javascript) and a IDE with sytax higligthing, code completion and so on. I'm familiar with the Eclipse Platform. Therefore i made my first steps with Eclipse PDT. Can somebody help me to set up a suitable environmet for developing owncloud apps?
> Somebody who can give answers to the questions like: What's the best IDE. How to set it up, especially how to connect the IDE and the webserver to debug the app.
> thank you :)

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