[owncloud-devel] External search for oc

Christian Ludwig cl at viazenetti.de
Wed Jun 29 20:44:13 GMT 2016


In our application we use Solr search that is feed with oc data adding access rights so that only files will be found that the user has access to. The search is completely external and we deeplink into ownCloud.

Now I am looking for a solution to generate the deeplinks to shared files where the path can be different to the one in file_cache.path. In the search results I have the fileid and path (more data can be stored in Solr if necessary). So is there a way to use ownCloud functions to get the individual path to files?

Problems while using the search could be:
* user might not be logged in jet to oc
* the user is connected by our oc backend_users and backend_groups app. So it could be that the user might get results for files where no oc_mounts.mount_points exist.

Thanks for any ideas.

One additional thing:
Is it possible to open the gallery view by deep linking using hashtags?
Oc generates links like these (https://my.cloud/apps/files/?dir=Datan#Datan/image.png) but they do not open the gallery nor do they highlight the file.


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