[owncloud-devel] branching, tagging and last open issues

Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Tue Mar 1 12:04:28 GMT 2016


we are getting close to the 9.0.0 release which is planed for next week.

Later today we will create the stable9 branches in all the repositories that are part of the release. So everything that should go into 9.0.x has to be merged into master and then backported into the new stable9 branches. For the next week the stable9 branches will be in freeze. So only severity 1 aka showstopper bugs should be backported.

We will also tag and release an 9.0.0 RC1 today for additional testing.

There are a few open issues where help with reviewing is highly appreciated:

And also have a look at the severity 1 tickets in all repos. Like for example here for the core repository:

So everyone with some time please jump in. :-)

Thanks to everyone who contributed. This will be a great release.


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