[owncloud-devel] [GSOC'16] Introduction and Interested Projects

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Fri Mar 4 15:01:58 GMT 2016

Hello Jalpreet,

Regarding tasks, just pick a junior job. They allow you to go through
the code to help you better understand how the app is structured.
It's also possible to pick other tasks if you see something you find

Regarding the AppFramework, there is a good example about building one
in the documentation and you can find inspiration in Gallery, News or
The first step would be to come up with a simple idea you'd like to
If I were you, I wouldn't interact with the database since the projects
you're interested in don't involve storing data there.



> Hi Olivier,
> I am Jalpreet Singh Nanda.I am a 3rd-year undergraduate student of
> International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad,
> India(IIIT-H). I want to apply for GSOC'16 under ownCloud and I have gone
> through the ideas page and I am interested in the following project(s):
> 1. "Create a picture editor app which would integrate with Gallery"
> 2. "Flexible slideshow engines in Gallery"
> Though I have not worked with AppFramework before but I am willing to put
> the extra effort to learn it. Whereas I have worked with PHP, JavaScript,
> HTML, CSS a lot earlier.
> Currently, I am setting up my development environment so that I can start
> contributing and I will come back as soon as I finish setting up or if I
> get stuck somewhere.
> Do you want to assign a task to me that I can do after I set up the
> development environment. Also,  do you want to share any other important
> thing that I may be missing out on?
> I am really looking forward to working with you and the ownCloud team.
> Thanks!
> Jalpreet Singh Nanda
> IIIT Hyderabad, India

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