[owncloud-devel] . Re: Create a picture editor app which would integrate with Gallery - GSOC 2016

Ahmed Kareem ahmedkareem999 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 17:59:36 GMT 2016

Hello sir/madam,
                       I am Kareem Ahmed Sheik from India and I'm pursuing
my Bachelor of Technology third year in Computer Science in Jawaharlal
Nehru Technological University Kakinada(JNTUK).
As i wanted to participate in GSoC 2016 and searching for a good
organization, I found the  "ownCloud" which attracted me towards it, with
it's innovative ideas and  friendly description about the projects. I'm
pretty interested in this and want to contribute for this project(i.e:
Create a picture editor app which would integrate with the Gallery.)

Well,Coming to the project, As we are using the App Framework to create the
app,it's UI provides CSS styles to create UI components and Javascript
libraries to alter the UI. It is also light weight and fast. As it is
mainly based on HTML5 we can design the front end more innovatively based
on the requirements and we can divide this creation of app in few modules
and could complete few of them before the mid-term evaluation and rest of
it for the final evaluation. Breaking the problem into smaller modules
would make our work more easier.In this way i'm planning to create the app.

Coming to me, I'm good at Javascript,HTML5, CSS3, PHP5 and few other
languages and I'm very confident about myself. I have prior experience in
working on few projects in the field of development. I'm a fast
learner,Quick thinker and hard worker . The main reason for me to choose
this project in particular  is because I'm more passionate to learn new
things and to face the new challenges and I find "ownCloud" would be the
best platform for me to exhibit and improve my skills and I'm very excited
that I can learn new things from the "ownCloud". As App FrameWork is little
new to me, I'm working my best to acquire better knowledge on it.Learning
is my passion and I might face few new tasks in the project but I'm never
going to give up and rather more excited to face it and learn new things.

I went to the issue thread:gallery #265
https://github.com/owncloud/gallery/issues/265 and read all the
requirements of the project. And I'm very interested and excited in working
on this project and I will be glad if I were given a chance.
                                                        Thank You.

Best Regards,
Kareem Ahmed Sheik.
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