[owncloud-devel] Introduction

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Wed Mar 9 11:52:43 GMT 2016

Hello Gaurav,

Checkout this wiki entry in the Gallery project. That should give you
all the information you need to get started.


Also, check the mailing list's archive as lots of questions have been
answered already.



> Hi,
> I would like to introduce myself to the ownCloud community. My name is
> Gaurav Mittal and I am a 3rd year student studying in International
> Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am pursuing my B.Tech in
> Computer Science and Engineering. I would like to apply for GSoC 2016 under
> ownCloud this summer.
> I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, JS along with other
> languages and have worked on a lot of projects involving these. Though the
> AppFramework is new to me, I am sure I can get a gist of it soon.
> I have viewed the Idea Page and these 2 caught my eye:
>    1. Make it possible to embed ownCloud galleries in another website
>    2. Create a picture editor which integrates with Gallery
> I have already set up the development environment. How should i proceed?
> Thanks,
> Gaurav Mittal

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