[owncloud-devel] GSOC 2016 - Create a picture editor which integrates with Gallery

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Wed Mar 9 12:04:51 GMT 2016

Hello Chathura,

The editor can be as complex as you want it to be (depending on your
skills and previous experience), but it has to be accessible for
beginners. If you're good at designing usable interface, that shouldn't
be a problem, but if you're new to it, then it's probably best to keep
things simple.

There has been quite some discussion on the mailing list about this
project, so I invite you to browse the archives for some pointers.

>From my point of view, since most people will store pictures, it's
important to offer basic photo editing tools such as filtering and
cropping, but adding text is also important nowadays and so is sharing
to social media networks.
Think about what exists out there on mobile per example and see if you
can bring some of the most used functionalities to an ownCloud app.

Regarding the algorithms, I've added my thoughts on the issue in Github.
It will really depend on what works. Ideally it should be possible to
use on mobile and that may mean that the final processing has to be done
on the backend, but if the experience is too poor, then we may need to
only allow the app on desktops. Not a big problem since there is already
an ownCloud mobile app which allows users to have access to their
pictures and edit them on their mobile using native tools.

As you can see, nothing is set in stone. I think it's part of the
experience to be able to come up with well defined goals for a project
and that will require experimenting a bit before building the project plan.



> Hi,
> I am Chathura Widanage, a 3rd year undergraduate student from department of
> computer science & Engineering, Univeristy of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
> I am interested in contributing to  the project idea, "Create a picture
> editor which integrates with Gallery". I have a good knowledge and
> experience in javascripts (jquery, angularjs 1, angularjs 2) and PHP. So I
> am sure that I have the enough potential to contribute for this project.
> Can you please let me know how complex the image editor should be and what
> are the editing options that should be available in the image editor.
> Further I would like to know whether image processing algorithms are
> preferred to be run at the front end or at the back end.
> Thanks.
> Chathura
> https://cwidanage.com

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