[owncloud-devel] GSoC Proposal for Large File Sync

Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at kde.org
Tue Mar 15 18:56:24 GMT 2016

Hello Owncloudians,

I'm Tomaz Canabrava, student of Computer Science in the Federal Institute
of São Paulo and a long time KDE Contributor.

I Wanna try to apply for GSoC doing the Large File Sync on Owncloud - below
is my proposal.

I understand that there is the "two patches rule" to be part of OwnCloud
summer of code, and I already installed the code - but currently I'm on
vacation without a computer, I'm getting home tomorrow and I'll start doing

Thanks for your time.
Tomaz Canabrava

Large File Sync


Currently OwnCloud doesn't handle well binary data or large files, a single
bit difference can make a huge impact on data usage over the network, for
the entire file needs to be re-uploaded to the server instead of changing
just a few chunks of bits. A few applications already implement the sync
for any file, for instance rsync and dropbox clients.

Time Table:

2 days - study the different file sync architectures and approaches on rsync
2 days - study the data architecture on OwnCloud
4 - 5 days - implement a proof of concept, local, php sync server / c++
2 - 3 days - with the knowledge gained by the proof of concept, create a
more comprheensive architecture that can fit the current OwnCloud to
replace the current file upload mechanism.

1 week - implement the first draft on owncloud, still using the c++ client
created for testing purposes
2 weeks - implement the needed parts on the owncloud client side and fix
bugs on the server side.

with one client working correctly, then I would start changing every client
to correctly handle the file updates: android, iOS and Desktop, wich would
probably eat the rest of the time table, leaving time for bug fixes and
code cleanup.
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