[owncloud-devel] Developing against multiple versions of core?

Leonhardt, Matthew mleonhardt at mpr.com
Thu Mar 17 21:40:05 GMT 2016

Hello all,

I'm new to the list and ownCloud development, so please direct me to the proper resource if this is already documented somewhere.  I couldn't find the answer in the ocdev manual or searching the mailing list.

I am facing the prospect of developing a series of ownCloud apps to incorporate functionality required by my company.  I will almost certainly need to develop and test against multiple oC releases.  (For example, we currently have 8.2.2 in production, 8.2.3 in test, and I'm developing against 9.1).  Not to mention if anyone else would ever care to use any of these.

So, what's the best practice for setting up a development environment for multiple versions?  Obviously, you cannot downgrade an instance, so multiple instances seem like the right answer.  But setting values in .ocdevrc seems to accommodate one instance (unless I use multiple users, which I would rather not do).

My best guess is to set up something that looks like this:

ocdev setup core --branch stable8.2 ~/owncloud/8.2
ocdev setup core --branch stable9 ~/owncloud/9
ocdev setup core ~/owncloud/master

And of course separate vhosts and database schema for each.

I'm fairly convinced this will work, but I wanted to check with the community in case there was a more common method that I'm overlooking.

Many thanks,

Matt Leonhardt, Application Systems Architect
mleonhardt at mpr.com | +1 (703) 519-0499

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