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Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Sun Mar 20 14:01:46 GMT 2016

Hi Roberto,

what would be the technical platform of the phone app? Is this an html5/js app or some .net application?



Am 20. März 2016 14:30:51 MEZ, schrieb roberto vannucci <roberto.vann.95 at gmail.com>:
>Hi again everybody.
>Unfortunately I got no reply about this mail.
>Anyway, since GSOC deadline is soon and I would really love to join
>this community with my project, I submitted a draft of my proposal
>using the GSOC platform.
>You can find it here
>Comments are open, so feel free to comment so I can improve my
>Looking forward to join this community with the GSOC
>Roberto Vannucci
>> Il giorno 17 mar 2016, alle ore 11:29, roberto vannucci
><roberto.vann.95 at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am a student of computer science and I would like to join Owncloud
>for GSOC this year. When I read that Owncloud was in organizations
>list, I was excited about this as I find that Owncloud is a great
>software, and I currently use.
>> I have read the wiki and, as I know, there are mobile applications
>only for iOS and Android.
>> As I studied Windows Phone Applications development this year, I
>would like to use my knowledge to bring this great software to new
>users, Windows Phone ones, which cannot currently use this on their
>> I would like to know if this proposal is interesting before
>submitting on the GSOC platform.
>> Thanks,
>> Roberto Vannucci
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