[owncloud-devel] GSoC introduction

Calinou calinou at openmailbox.org
Mon Mar 21 20:38:06 GMT 2016


My name is Hugo Locurcio (also known as Calinou). I'm a French free 
software developer,  currently in 2nd semester
of a DUT MMI (Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet, which could be 
translated to "Jobs of multimedia and Internet"),
which I currently study at in Troyes, France. I'm posting here because I 
would like to participate in GSoC this year, and
as someone who is studying in order to become a Web developer, it makes 
sense to contribute to ownCloud.

I work on numerous FLOSS projects already, like games made with the 
Godot Engine and mods for Minetest
(a Minecraft-style game) made in Lua. I also maintain the awesome-godot 
list, which you can find on GitHub.

I'm a heavy ownCloud user myself, and have used it at three different 
providers (OpenMailBox, then Framadrive, then
my own VPS).

Here is my GitHub profile: https://github.com/Calinou

Having some front-end experience (I've worked on websites like the ones 
of Minetest and Godot Engine) and a bit of
back-end knowledge (PHP mostly, since it's what we are learning at 
university), I think the best fit for me would be
working on the grid view for files. Having other views (like an optional 
compact view, for example) could be
beneficial to productivity as well.

But, before the actual GSoC debut, I'm looking to make one or two 
patches to ownCloud. Which junior jobs would be suitable for
someone like me who has front-end developer skills?

Looking forward to your questions,

Hugo Locurcio

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