[owncloud-devel] Correct solution to disable synchronization completely via client for all users?

Martin crysman Zahradník crysman at seznam.cz
Tue Mar 29 16:42:14 GMT 2016

Hi, thanks.

What I want and need is to be able to *disable all remote clients
(desktop/mobile applications) synchronizations except for internet
browser access to ownCloud*.

I would appreciate a sustainable and transparent solution, not renaming
core files.

If you reccommend any other solution not involving ownCloud itself, also
will be appreciated.

OK this way?

Thanks a lot
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Jak kupovat zodpovědně vejce (nejen) o Velikonocích?
On 29.3.2016 01:12, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> One of the reason this does not get answered is because OP asks the
> wrong question and I'm not sure the others in the thread have the same
> intention.
> Please tell us _what_ you want to do, not _how_ you want to do it.
> Looking through that thread, there seem to be different motivations,
> i.e. temporarily to do an upgrade (the real fix is to switch into
> maintenance mode, then do the upgrade, then switch into single user
> mode for testing), or permanently. The latter begs another question:
> Do you only want to block sync clients, or do you want to completely
> inhabit the webdav route. In both cases the answer would be File
> Firewall for users of the Enterprise Edition, or some adding URL- or
> User-Agent based rules to your Web Servers configuration to return a
> 404 instead of the requested endpoint. So please, context :)
> Daniel
> On 29.03.2016 00:10, Martin crysman Zahradník wrote:
>> Hi, please,
>> somebody could answer me this?:
>> Correct solution to disable synchronization completely via client for
>> all users?
>> https://forum.owncloud.org/viewtopic.php?p=111720&sid=dfceae2ef644ecdd0f1b066485791ea9
>> (best done right there, so that everybody interrested gets the answer)
>> Thanks a lot!
>> McZ
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