[owncloud-devel] a few more devices...

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 11:17:35 GMT 2016


Yesterday, I blogged about a new batch of Pi devices, see:

Sadly, all the devices were sold out in 2 hours or so. We felt bad about that 
so I got another dozen or so to sell. They will set you back only USD 50 
(without the Pi!). I didn't say so in the blog but as a surprise, they come 
with a 2TB hard drive instead of a 1TB and we'll send you our one of our new 
cases (being molded right now) once they are done too.

So. If you want one: send me an email, asking if there is still one. The first 
who do so will get a affirmative reply and then can do the USD 50 donation to 
our Bountysource account and give me their address. Until supply lasts :D

Note: EU and US/Canada only. When the final devices are done they should be 
available (nearly) worldwide, though, so stay tuned for that!

Also note that these will take a bit longer to arrive than the first, we are 
still assembling them while the others are already going to be shipped today 
or tomorrow.

And: you can download the current testing images here:

A new version hopefully comes soon, this one is already two weeks old, ancient 
in ownCloud time ;-)

Shoot if you have questions!

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