[owncloud-devel] 9.1.0 beta1 is out

Lars Hammarstrand lars.hammarstrand at gmail.com
Thu May 26 05:51:01 GMT 2016


Some info was actually added quite recently. One thing that really caught
my mind was:

   - Pluggable Auth - Updating the ownCloud server to enable easier
   implementation / activation of different authentication mechanisms, such as
   the L2 request for 2 Factor Auth owncloud/core#23458
   - Internal 2 Factor - After creating a more modular authentication
   mechanism, this will allow an admin to use email to provide a second factor
   for ownCloud logins. Note: this has mobile and desktop implications for it
   to be completed. #1211

1. Does that mean you can start working on client certificate
authentication i.e use certificate attributes in the login process using
"Pluggable Auth"?

2. Btw, does anyone know if the internal virtual filesystem utilizes some
kind of general authentication and permission control on the file level
(besides add, change and delete). If not, would it be possible to implement
a similar "Pluggable Auth" on the virtual file system with a decent amount
of work?

Cheers, Lars.

26 maj 2016 kl. 01:04 skrev tflidd <tflidd at aspekte.net>:

Is there already a list with the new features? The github-wiki is still


Am 25.05.2016 um 19:59 schrieb C. Montero-Luque:


These are the archives for 9.1.0 beta1. This corresponds generally to a
functional freeze for this release (a couple of small exceptions may
still occur). Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the effort to
get to this first beta. Please help us test this new version as
thoroughly as possible, lots of things to fix and harden before the
release date. We have a longer period than usual for beta this time
around, hopefully we can have a second beta within a week or near that.
We hope to be ready for release around the second week in July.




C. Montero Luque
Vice President of Engineering
cml at owncloud.com <mailto:cml at owncloud.com>

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