[owncloud-devel] Status page / upgrades

Kristof Provost kristof at sigsegv.be
Sat Sep 24 09:51:18 GMT 2016


For some upgrades the database has to be updated. Until this is done the 
owncloud instance is not usable.
This isn’t reflected in the status page though. It does not show the 
instance is in maintenance mode (or is not installed).

This patch seems to work for me:

	--- a/owncloud/status.php    2016-07-20 11:15:02.000000000 +0200
	+++ b/owncloud/status.php   2016-09-23 16:02:47.932357000 +0200
	@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
	                'maintenance' => $maintenance,
	+               'needupgrade' => \OCP\Util::needUpgrade(),
	                'version'=>implode('.', \OCP\Util::getVersion()),

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