[owncloud-devel] chunkSize not working in windows desktop client 2.4.1 [owncloud 10 server]

Alexandre LICINIO alexandre.licinio at ekla.fr
Thu Mar 8 11:21:55 CET 2018

Hi folks,

server [owncloud 10] is hosted by a VPS linux 16.04 64bits
client [2.4.1] is hosted by a i7 x64 win10 pc

I just tried Windows Desktop client 2.4.1 and the change of the chunkSize
size not working.
Perhaps i did something wrong.

When i upload a 6GB file i see only one connection, not many in parallels
(iftop on server) and i can't reach not more than 17,5Mb/s but i have
100Mb/s upload capacity server side and here with my ISP.

I added on file %LOCALAPPDATA%\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg accordling to

After rebooted the pc, no change, still stuck with 1x connection and upload
max 17,5Mb/s

I did add to the variable environnement of windows:

Thanks for the help,


*Alexandre Licini​o​*
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