[testpilots] Release of ownCloud Client 1.5.3

Klaas Freitag freitag at owncloud.com
Mon Mar 10 20:29:26 MET 2014


ownCloud Client 1.5.3 was released today. This is a bug fixing release
which fixes a couple of severe bugs of the previous releases. Due to the
possitive feedback on rc1, no further significant changes were needed.

Release 1.5.3 has the following changes over 1.5.2:

- Fix usage of proxies after first sync run (#1502, #1524, #1459, #1521)
- Do not wipe the credentials from config for reconnect (#1499, #1503)
- Do not erase the full account config if an old version of the client
stored the password (related to above)
- Fix layout of the network tab (fixes #1491)
- Handle authentication requests by a Shibboleth IdP
- Shibboleth: If no connection is available, don't open the login window
- [Packaging] Debian/Ubuntu: ship sync-exclude.lst
- [Packaging] Fix issues with access to gnome keychain in Fedora and RHEL6
- [Packaging] Ensure all sub packages get updated
- [Packaging] Fix incorrect path in desktop file (RHEL6/CentOS6)

Please update your installations. Packages can be found via the client page

Thank you for your ongoing support and all the contributions.


 Klaas (for the ownCloud Client team)

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