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Santi cluke santicluke at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 03:11:38 MET 2014

Hi guys, I'll introduce myself as tester of the app.

I'm Diego Meretta. I use Owncloud for personal use but planning to
implement it on an enterprise enviroment (50 users), but before doing it, I
would like to help correcting some issues that prevent me from deploying.
I'm using 6.0.2 on Debian/Apache and using from web (http) and client 1.5.3
on linux works fine.
I think its a mistake that when logging from a user can access to the tab
users and view all the users and have the posibility instead to change the
name, password and group (I've created a group thinking to have more
control but not).
I'll deploy to use with ldap and windows and linux desktop clients.

Thanks in advance

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