[testpilots] Introduction of myself

Jesus Manuel Romero Gomez-Caminero jesusmromerogc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 22:30:49 GMT 2014

Hi everybody.

I write that because I want contribute with the community in the way that I
I'm working as sysadmin since nearly 10 years ago.
I was working as freelance many years but currently I'm the IT Coordinator
(sysadmin and anything that the boss ask) in a little (20 employees)
official dealer from Volkswagen.

But it's only on the evening from my laptop and saturdays in physical mode
;) , my main work is now in a multinational consultant.
I love this kind of projects and always that I can, I try to use it into
the little company.
I always want participate in some projects but I wasn't able to talk
english, It was enough to I didn't ever participate. (really I can not talk
english yet, obviously)
For my work, I'm learning english so at the end I get the confidence to
collaborate in the community.

I've implemented, for example, in the company an osticket system, and it's
I found owncloud last month, I thought: "It's amazing", so nowadays I get
it in testing in the company.
I'm not really programmer so I didn't know exactly how could help and
finally I found this way.

And bit more personal...
I'm from granada (spain!!!) and in my free time I use to flight my RC
helicopters and... test owncloud, I hope ;)

Thanks and kind regards
Jesus Romero
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