[Translations] Two Russian translations on Transifex

Serge Shpikin eurekafag at eureka7.ru
Thu Apr 25 14:16:20 EDT 2013

I see two different translations on Transifex. The problem is "ru_RU"
locale has priority over "ru" at least in GNU/Linux. As I can see ru_RU has
poor quality, lots of errors, missing spaces and so on. It's also less
complete. "ru" translation is better maintained, has overall much better
quality, over 80% of strings are translated there but it isn't seen by
anyone (possibly) which is rather frustrating. I didn't know about all
these efforts until I got to Transifex. And I got there exactly because of
poorly translated ownCloud client, I wanted to fix all those ugly formatted
messages. And surprisingly I couldn't find them because I opened "ru"
translation which just doesn't have those errors. I was confused for some
time and then examined the client's i18n directory which revealed the root
of the problem. The existence of "ru_RU" translation completely cancels the
good "ru" translation. I think they should be renamed each one to the
opposite so the good one becomes "ru_RU" and the bad one stays as a backup
for merging by just "ru" name.
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