[user] Anyone working on a specification of the protocol

Michal Hrusecky michal at hrusecky.net
Sun Feb 9 00:33:48 MET 2014

Bennett Todd - 18:18  8.02.14 wrote:
> The protocol that a client must implement to work with an Owncloud server, or that an Owncloud server must implement to work with an Owncloud client. 
> Multiple distinct server implementations make me feel good, they reflect well on the design and longevity of the service. 
> A service that I feel confident committing to is sufficiently simple and well documented that re-implementing it is easy,  and you can have some confidence that an independent re-implementation will interoperate with existing code. 
> Let's say someday I wanted to deploy an Owncloud server in an environment where PHP was not highly regarded, or possibly even available.

ownCloud uses WebDAV, CardDAV and CalDAV which are the standard protocols.

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