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Daniel Molkentin danimo at owncloud.com
Sun Feb 9 00:44:03 MET 2014

Am 09.02.2014 um 00:18 schrieb Bennett Todd:

> The protocol that a client must implement to work with an Owncloud server, or that an Owncloud server must implement to work with an Owncloud client. 

Every ownCloud app is free to decide on a protocol, although I assume you are referring to file synching.
The protocol used there is WebDAV. Optimizations proprietary to ownCloud are documented at https://github.com/owncloud/mirall/wiki/Etags-and-file-ids. The Mirall repository also contains test scripts that can be used to validate a working peer. But all in all, this does not give you ownCloud in its entirety.

> Multiple distinct server implementations make me feel good, they reflect well on the design and longevity of the service.
I am not aware of anyone attempting a re-implementation. Besides, MediaWiki is popular, and I am not aware of any competing implementation. In fact, I think that's true for most (free) software.
> [...] Let's say someday I wanted to deploy an Owncloud server in an environment where PHP was not highly regarded, or possibly even available.

Then as it stands you would be out of luck. There is a lot more to ownCloud than the file synching/sharing, it is also a framework. Reimplementing the current code base in any given language is several man years of work.


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