[owncloud-user] desktop sync client & sogo-connector for TB

chymian chymian at gmx.net
Mon Feb 10 02:53:22 MET 2014

have been a bit away from owncloud… so probably I'm not up to date with
feature request and maybe squashed proposals – bear with me :)

I'm about to consolidate my server and want to move my sogo-services,
(adr. & contacts, webmail) to OC 5.x and later on to 6.0.x.

on my laptop running debian jessie, I recently went back to icedove 17.x
with the sogo-connector, since kdepim gives me still to much headache… I
don't have time for that.

trying to set up the OC calendar and adr-books in TB does not work with
the propfind mechanism. one has to copy and paste the whole cryptic
link… is that the standard behavior?
or is there another proposed card- & caldav connector?

for the desktop client, I do miss a feature.
since I don't want to copy every file which I want to sync into my
owncloud-dir , or sync some dir. at whole, it would be great to just
sym-link them and tell the client, to follow the links to sync the
actual file, like rsync can be told. that would prevent double
data-keeping etc. on the desktop & laptops and one could keep his
logical directory-structure in place.

i.e. rsync --help…
-L, --copy-links transform symlink into referent file/dir
-k, --copy-dirlinks transform symlink to dir into referent dir
-K, --keep-dirlinks treat symlinked dir on receiver as dir

what do you think?


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