[owncloud-user] Support for EMC ATMOS storage

Jamie Baddeley jamie.baddeley at vpc.co.nz
Mon Feb 10 20:51:14 MET 2014

HI There,

Greetings from NZ. First off let me say how happy I am about Owncloud. The
concept of the project is excellent in this age of reduced trust about
where your data is stored and who has access to it. Of course a part of
that is what legal jurisdiction the infrastructure is in.

In NZ we have a very small range of on shore elastic data stores we can
use. But one we can use has EMC's ATMOS technology. We have AWS and
Rackspace in Sydney but there's no place like home right?

The ATMOS system has limited support for the s3 API and we've tested it but
it's not proved successful so far. In our efforts to solve the problem we
recently came across this:
It's an abstraction layer for s3, Rackspace and ATMOS amongst others.

It'd be great if you could fold in some of what Kohana-storage is doing
into owncloud. We could test this against the ATMOS instance we have access
to here.


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