[owncloud-user] ownCloud Client 1.5.1 released

Daniel Molkentin danimo at owncloud.com
Sat Feb 15 12:32:11 MET 2014

Am 15.02.2014 um 11:27 schrieb Thomas Gries:

> Am 15.02.2014 11:08, schrieb Daniel Molkentin:
>> Right under the "Account to synchronize" heading, you will find a padlock icon. If it's green (i.e. not yellow with a warning sign, which signifies an unencrypted connection), you can view the certificate chain by clicking on it. Hovering over an item in the chain will show all details, including fingerprints.
> I don't have that entry or padlock icon (what do you mean exactly? can you send a screenshot pls.?)
> Perhaps as idea, to change the green "checkmark (tick)" into a green padlock with a tick?

Your screenshot exhibits a bug: The client claims its disconnected while it's probably not (or it claims that it's online while its not). Had the UI known it was connected, you would see the padlock icon. Please file a bug report, I'll take a look. It would also be nice if you can find out how to reproduce it (i.e. does it happen to you always, or does it go away after a restart? Does a disconnect trigger this behavior?)

As for the wizard case: When you enter the URL, it the wizard has not made a connection yet, and it will issue a warning if the certificate cannot be trusted. If it has made a connection, you can look up the connection details after finishing the wizard.

The green pad lock item in the wizard simply simply indicates wether the connection is attempted in HTTPs, and is meant as a guidance to inexperienced users.


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