[owncloud-user] Which is the best server configuration for ownCloud?

Nicolas Zedde Nicolas.Zedde at plug-it.com
Tue Feb 25 18:07:49 MET 2014

On 02/25/2014 4:52 PM, Pierre Malard wrote :
> Hi,
> We have, since 2 years, an owncloud service on our institute network. Now,
> we want to generalize its usage but we have some interrogation about the
> best configuration.
> The system works on virtual XEN server with Debian Wheezy. The test
> configuration is this:
> - 2 CPU (i7)
> - RAM : 4096 Mo
> - Storage area: NFS mont on a low-cast SAN SATA.
> With about 5 or 6 users, the memory is alway to 90%. So what could be this
> charge with 150 or 300 users?
> is it because the IO access to NFS storage is too poor?
> Best whishes

Hi Pierre,

Memory usage seems very high on your server compared to the number of users.
Actually, I checked on an OwnCloud server on my own with roughly the same number of users and found 430MB for RAM Usage.
Are you sure you're talking about used memory ? Debian uses cache memory to 90% of the system memory but it's not really used and can be allocated to applications.
What does a 'top' command return in your case ? (you have to look at the ' -/+ buffer/cache' line)



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