[owncloud-user] Which is the best server configuration for ownCloud?

Andre Gemuend scroogie at scroogie.de
Thu Feb 27 15:39:19 MET 2014

Hi Marcos,

On 02/27/2014 12:44 PM, Marcos Mezo wrote:
>> it doesn't mean that all of that RAM is used for Apache. There are 
>> countless tools to measure RAM usage, but for a quick look, e.g. this 
>> script can be helpful (it just presents some values from proc): 
>> https://raw.github.com/pixelb/ps_mem/master/ps_mem.py
>> Run it once with apache running and once without, and compare it to 
>> the output of free (column used - cached).
> As a summary for the article linked in a previous post 
> (http://serverfault.com/questions/85470/meaning-of-the-buffers-cache-line-in-the-output-of-free) 
> and maybe some other readings I've done over time:

yes, my post was meant as supplement to what you correctly wrote.

An important point is still, however you measure the _real_ usage, that 
not all memory that is used is used _necessarily_ for hosting Owncloud. 
E.g. you can save a lot of memory by optimizing your apache and php 

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