[owncloud-user] Which is the best server configuration for ownCloud?

Marcos Mezo mmezo at selexco.net
Fri Feb 28 10:40:48 MET 2014

>>> it doesn't mean that all of that RAM is used for Apache. There are 
>>> countless tools to measure RAM usage, but for a quick look, e.g. 
>>> this script can be helpful (it just presents some values from proc): 
>>> https://raw.github.com/pixelb/ps_mem/master/ps_mem.py
>>> Run it once with apache running and once without, and compare it to 
>>> the output of free (column used - cached).
>> As a summary for the article linked in a previous post 
>> (http://serverfault.com/questions/85470/meaning-of-the-buffers-cache-line-in-the-output-of-free) 
>> and maybe some other readings I've done over time:
> yes, my post was meant as supplement to what you correctly wrote.
Sorry, my fault. My answer was intended for Pierre, the author of the 
original post who seemed not to have read the linked article and was 
insisting on measuring the memory usage by the output of free, but I 
just happened to reply to the last message in the thread by the time.

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