[owncloud-user] 409 conflict - my data got deleted! What happened?

Russell Jones russell-list at jonesmail.me
Sat Nov 1 16:08:28 GMT 2014

Hi all,

So, a little bit of story time. Hopefully somebody can help me
understand what happened -

Windows 7 owncloud client on a desktop and a laptop, owncloud itself is
hosted on a CentOS 6 VM.

Last night I started syncing all of my data from my Dropbox account to
my brand new Owncloud 7 setup. While the files were syncing I renamed
two top level folders because I realized I wanted to have the folder
capitalized. No big deal I figured, Dropbox seems to handle that fine.

I woke up this morning to the following errors in the activity log:

Attention, possible case sensitivity clash with
Attention, possible case sensitivity clash with

Well crap, alright. Looking on the server showed that about 80 pictures
got uploaded to my new "Photos" (with a capital P) folder before it
choked. I renamed it and the Documents folder back to have all lower
case letters, and ownCloud started moving files around. By the time it
was done it looked like everything was fine. I then renamed it back with
capital letters, the client got busy moving files around again, and as
best I could tell it was fine.

Then, about 2 minutes later when things seemed to be quiet the client my
laptop popped up with "Documents\Tax Returns has been deleted".


Looking at it, it seemed like the client on my desktop was responsible.
It has the following errors recorded:

9:38 AM   Documents/Tax Returns    Deleted
9:38 AM   Documents/receipts   409 conflict
9:38 AM   Documents/Tax Returns  409 conflict
9:38 AM   Documents/Dart Service Manual   409 conflict

The laptop does not have any 409 conflict errors recorded.

What the heck happened here? Not getting a very warm and fuzzy feeling
about this. Any help would be appreciated, hopefully I don't have to
make sure all of my clients are all done syncing before performing
additional functions on my data!


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