[owncloud-user] Renaming a folder deletes its content (although not on filesystem) - oc7

Sergi sse at okitup.com
Wed Nov 5 17:37:56 GMT 2014


We are using owncloud 7.0.0. and using encryption.

We had to rename a two folders via browser (with a hierarchy of shared
folders inside) and both got renamedd OK, but one's content was missing.

The files didn't really disappear on a filesystem level, but something
broke because content was missing.

We could recover last backup files and folders for the yet-to-be-renamed
folder (files_encryption (share_keys and key_files), files,
files_version) and could see the folder (with her old name) and its content.
We then deleted the renamed (and empty) folder and re-renamed the
restored folder.

Someone experienced the same issue?


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