[owncloud-user] not all users autocomplete on sharing

Sergi sse at okitup.com
Mon Nov 10 10:51:48 GMT 2014


(first on oc 6.0.3 and then upgraded to 7.0.2 to check if it was a bug.
Users & groups come from ldap.)

My user belongs only to a group with 27 users (this happens to any user
from the group). If I want to share a document to one of the users I
start typing the name and autocomplete works, but not all the users from
the group are in the autocomplete 'array'.

I peeked at the content of the table in mysql (oc_ldap_group_members)
which has this format :

a:27:{i=0;s:9:"aXXXXXXXX";i:1;s:8:"bXXXXXXX", ...

and tried all the users one by one ... user i:15 till the end aren't
"indexed" on the autocomplete function.

Is there a parameter or some procedure to reindex this?, or is there a
configuration to get further the i:15 user?


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