[owncloud-user] Lost files: A whine and a feature request

Dan Lyke danlyke at flutterby.com
Tue Nov 11 17:36:54 GMT 2014

Okay, so the Western Digital (yes, I'm naming names) hard drive on my
server started to die after less than  a year. Got a new hard drive,
installed the new Ubuntu, copied everything I could over to the new
hard drive, and...

My OwnCloud install wasn't working. Reinitialize it, try to copy
various files from the old install to where I think it wants them,
it's working from the web interface.

The phone, which I have to constantly fight with to not cache files
locally (caught it with a gig and a half of image files once), doesn't
just pick up the new install, nor does a refresh actually refresh the
list of available files, so I wipe the OwnCloud client from the phone
and re-install.

This morning, I open up my laptop, and see the notifications about it
deleting all of the images and music files off my laptop.

I'm not quite sure how to fix this, but there should be a way to say
"no, even though the credentials are the same, the OwnCloud instance
you're pointing to isn't the one that you started with, and would you
like to push these files back up there rather than assuming they've
all been nuked?"

I have other backups, and part of putting this server back together is
coalescing those, but it is a pain in the tailfeathers.

Meanwhile: I'll use OwnCloud for automatic uploads of pictures I take
on my phone, but I'm going back to rsync for getting stuff to my


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