[owncloud-user] Adequate set-up for a VPS

Pierre Crepier pierrecrepier at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 18:15:33 GMT 2014

Hello everyone,

I use owncloud on a daily basis for the news app which works great but I
now also want to use it more and more for data backup and some sync. My
owncloud instance is hosted in a shared server and works fine when the
WebDav interface is not used since my webhoster restricts such use which is
not considered "standard" web-hosting service (fair enough)

So now, I am considering getting a VPS to run my owncloud instance and also
get better performances on the webdav side.
However, I am a bit lost when it come to choosing the amount of cores/ram I
need (space disk is not a problem, I just need a lot :) )
I do not have many users, mostly 2 but let's say that 5 users to a big
maximum of 10 might happen (close relatives somehow).
The machine will also handle a mail server but I do not think that is a
problem for any setup I know of.
I am not sure about what owncloud needs to run smoothly under such a light
load (okay, define light ...) but my first guess was 2 virtual cores + 2 Gb
of ram (my hosting allows 728 at the moment).

Anyone has any experience dimensioning small owncloud installations ?
Pierre Crepier
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