[owncloud-user] .hhtaccess after rpm update overwritten

Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Mon Nov 24 16:12:25 GMT 2014


we test ownclound since 7.0 and starting with 7.0.2 we did a couple of
adjustments like upload size.

There was a small 7.0.2 rpm update and recently the 7.0.3-13.1 we
installed and we noticed, that the /var/www/html/owncloud/.htaccess file
gets overwritten each time.

This should not happen, or what is the "right"/better place for user
defined settings?

We could modify the php.ini, but which sense dose the htaccess php_value
upload_max_filesize xxx than makes?

Thanks for feedback and suggestions. Regards . Götz Reinicke

Götz Reinicke

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