[owncloud-user] Change of password on an encrypted user

Sergi sse at okitup.com
Thu Nov 27 15:41:26 GMT 2014


we have an oc7.0.2 installation with encryption enabled and a lot of
shared files between users.

Two days ago we changed the password for a user and now her desktop
client can't sincronize again with the files. It takes forever and
apparently nothing happens.

Looking at the apache logs we see lots of PROPFIND lines.
Sometimes the desktop client gets an error (500) and we think it matches
with the owncloud.log :

{"app":"PHP","message":"Session has been closed - no further changes to
the session as allowed at

We did a little googling and found :


It is not exactly the same issue, but seems related, because someone
activates encryption and someother advices her to log in via
webinterface to allow owncloud finish the encryption process.

On a password change, does re-encryption also need to run via
webinterface? Is there any way to know if this process is running?

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