[owncloud-user] Change of password on an encrypted user

Sergi sse at okitup.com
Fri Nov 28 12:12:20 GMT 2014


in our case, we have a user who is the main sharer ... if this user has
the recovery key enabled, will any other user using the main user shares
be able to change her password without further intervention?

Thanks for your help!
On 28/11/14 12:34, Bjoern Schiessle wrote:
> Hello,
>> The conclusion is for an encrypted instance :
>> - a password change will work seamlessly for desktop syncronization
>> and user owned folders
>> - but shared folders need permisions for that user re-applied
> Yes, that's true. The reason for this is that the each user can decide
> by his own to use the recovery key or not. So if user A changes his
> password we can only recover his files but not access to files shared
> with him because the owner of the shared file dosn't have to enable the
> recovery key.
> cheers,
> Björn

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