[owncloud-user] OwnCloud Client not opening

Sjoerd sjoerd at sjomar.eu
Sat Aug 15 13:42:51 GMT 2015

On Saturday 15 August 2015 10:44:16 Leo Francisco wrote:
> Hi all,
> On my Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 laptop, the owncloud client is crashing when
> opened. It used to work until I changed server. Now crashes instantly
> when launched without any errors.
> The client is latest version from official opensuse repo which installed
> with no errors or missing dependencies. My server appears to be working
> correctly and I can acsess all my files through WebDAV and in the
> browser. The server is using a self signed certificate.
> I've tried apt-get purge and then reinstalling the client to no avail.
> The client is working fine on my other laptop which is running Lubuntu.
> My gut tells me this is some kind of config or dependency problem.Is it
> possible to launch the client from the command line to try and generate
> errors? I've tried the command "owncloud-client" but it's not possible.

Try owncloudcmd after installing it (apt-get install owncloud-client-cmd)

or you can try to delete the ~/.local/share/data/owncloud dir and start from 
scratch (you changed server anyway)


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