[owncloud-user] Calendar doesn't work after 8.1.1 upgrade

Matthew Caron matt at mattcaron.net
Sat Aug 22 01:43:14 GMT 2015

Okay, so here is what happened.

First, thanks to Chris and Josef who responded.

My initial condition was OC 8.0.2 on Ubuntu 12.04. I updated to 8.1.1
and got the errors originally stated in this email thread. I realized it
was a problem with old apps, and thus started trying to diagnose the "no
internet connection" error, which took several hours.

I did find this FAQ by the wonders of the google (though I thank Chris
for sending it):

and I was worried about the old Curl, so I upgraded to 14.04 (I'd needed
to do this for awhile anyway, it wasn't just for OC). That didn't fix it.

So, I did some more searching, and found this:

Ah! I don't have `has_internet_connection` in my config. So, I go
through the differences in the configs between the two versions and put
in all the various bits and bobs that were there, making sure to:
 * enable the appstore (appstoreenabled)
 * remove the default app store url (appstoreurl)
 * omit all proxy related things (because I don't use a proxy).

That didn't fix it.

Going back to the original FAQ, above, I also didn't copy up the
config/ca-bundle.crt, since my uploader script omits the whole config/
subdir so as to not clobber the config with an older version (the one on
the server is, by definition, the source of truth).

Yay! It works!

I hope someone finds this helpful. Thanks for the help everyone.
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