[owncloud-user] Syncing failure for particular file

Subhi S Hashwa lists at subhi.com
Sat Aug 22 06:32:44 GMT 2015

Hi there,

I am having problems with a file refusing to sync claiming that it already
exists. This is on Windows and Mac clients.

>From log file

21/08/2015  7:56:03 PM Classes/2014_2015/Girls Book1 2014_2015/Different
folder/Girls Year 1 (2014-15)/Lessons/Lesson 1.3/Shahada - لَا إِلَّهَ
إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله.mp4 ownCloud       Destination file

Mac Client:
1.8.4 (Build 2531)


Version 8.1.1-1 (From Debian 8 / Jessie)

Linux server-name 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u2
(2015-07-17) i686 GNU/Linux

Filesystem: xfs
/dev/mapper/storage-storagewell on /storage type xfs

Any thoughts? Renaming the file fixes the problem.


Subhi S Hashwa
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