[owncloud-user] Weird sync problem

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Fri Jan 6 19:09:59 GMT 2017

On Fri, 6 Jan 2017, nfasmnans wrote:

> > The problem is that there are no repositories for 9 yet, as all the SuSE
> repos are at 8.
> The lastest oC 9.1.3 is available at the following repositories (including
> OpenSUSE):
> https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/owncloud/
> If upgrading from 8.2 make sure that you don't skip the major release 9.0.x
> (see doc.owncloud.org for more info).
Thanks for the info, .. I found them earlier this week and did the upgrade
to 9.1.3.

Can't WAIT for 9.3 as the calender is finally going to get an Agenda/List



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