[owncloud-user] problems updating owncloud to latest stable release via webUI

Fabian A. Santiago fsantiago at garbage-juice.com
Tue Jun 12 21:01:28 CEST 2018


i just upgraded my instance today to the latest stable release. i attempted to use the webUI updater for this. my browser stayed on the maintenance mode screen seemingly forever and never seemed to complete. 

i logged into the terminal and ran occ upgrade; now i saw the issue was reported as an unfound / unsupported app error for 'templateeditor'. 

Via occ, i had to disable the app, re-run the upgrade and then turn off maintenance mode to complete the process. 

why couldn't the webUI updater tell me this? i know your docs state the recommended upgrade method is via occ to avoid php timeouts but that wasn't the case here it seems. 

any thoughts? Thanks. 



Fabian S.


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