[owncloud-user] Win-Client 2.5.3: two flavours?

Carsten Schiefner owncloud.cs at schiefner.de
Tue Feb 26 12:59:36 CET 2019

All -


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obviously two flavours of 2.5.3 are being provided for download:

* ownCloud Windows Client (.msi) 2.5.3

* ownCloud Windows Client (.msi, EN for GPO) 2.5.3


Firstly, I do not remember to have seen the "EN for GPO" flavour before
(but might easily have overlooked it until now): what's the purpose of it?

Secondly, I find it puzzling that the non-"EN for GPO" flavour has an
extended-by-"en-US" filename when the "EN for GPO" flavour has the
"regular" one, comparable to the filenames of previous versions.

Same on:

	Download ownCloud today - customized for your needs.

, BTW - apart from the fact that the "EN for GPO" flavour is not listed

Could anyone from the oC team shed some light on this, please?

Thanks in advance - best,


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